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Frequently asked questions

We see your brand as the big picture. For you, it may be your company’s philosophy, values, reputation and image. For your customers, it is their perception of your company as they experience it and decide whether it adds value to their lives. Great brands build connections between the two. In its simplest form, branding is the why, while advertising is the what and marketing is the how.
If your business was a house, your brand would be the foundation. Before you can renovate, you must have a solid foundation.
Advertising is about developing a concept that draws attention to your business. Marketing is about turning your goals into sales. These disciplines are rooms in your house that will be added later. Managing your brand is about supporting the entire infrastructure so you can focus on building your business, room by room.

A great brand should deliver a return on your investment. It builds a bridge with your customers and turns them into fervent fans. This relationship should grow your business and increase your sales. Big companies like Coca Cola, Apple and Ikea all write that their branding is an asset that can be worth more than 50% of their market share. On a more microeconomic scale, our regional clients have seen growth of over 15-150% in their target market that they attribute significantly to their brands. Creating a quality brand experience should justify sustained growth. If you are not experiencing this, we encourage you to take another look at your brand and let us help

Contact us early, we only take on a few projects a year to ensure quality for each of our customers.

Yes, definitely! If you have access to the Internet and e-mail, we can start immediately.

We are happy to refer you to great parties for the following services:

  • public relations
  • advertisement
  • marketing plans
  • ongoing SEO work
  • personal branding
  • event planning

The services we offer are fully bespoke, but we will always make the most of people’s investment levels and look for opportunities to work together. As our clients range from large corporations to start-ups, we can tailor the scope of work to any budget or brand image you may be looking for. Because every project is different, we can’t provide you with a shopping list of associated prices. That said, once we have an overview, we can provide a proposal and a cost breakdown for your project within a very short time. Some of our best and most successful work has come from working with companies at an early stage and low level of initial investment. If you would like to discuss how we can help you grow your business, please contact us.

We will always strive to offer our customers a fair payment plan. Our payment schedule will always be clearly described in our proposals, which means that there will be no surprises later.

It’s good to have a great and unique idea that fills a gap in the market, but a new start-up will often not have the budget to go all out with marketing. If you have an innovative idea with a strong business plan, please contact us and we will see what we can do.