We create genuine brands that touch and inspire because they are grounded in strategy and built from individual character

We design successful and sustainable brands and companies .

We do this by creating brands that live at the intersection of business and experience.

A good brand is distinctive honest consistent focused .

Your brand is what sets you apart from the many competitors. It shows your customers who you are and what they can expect from you.

Our thorough and down-to-earth approach aligns your overall strategy with a consistent and harmonious design, so you can attract the customers that match your ambition.

With a good brand you can

  • attract the best customers for your company
  • charge a higher price for your product or service
  • increase your marketshare
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Focus on the foundations

Successful brands start with focus: who are you, what do you do and why does it matter?

This is the foundation of your business that we will build on.

We want to know

  • What you stand for: your goals, vision, mission, values.
  • How you want to communicate: your voice, personality, messaging, etc.

Organise for the future

As branding guru Marty Neumeier says, a brand or brand strategy is “a plan for the systematic development of a brand in line with a business strategy.”

We want to know

  • What your goals are: What problems does your business solve and how will it benefit the targeted customers?
  • Who your ideal customers are: Who will benefit from the brand? How do these customers feel now and how would they like to feel?
  • Who your competitors are: who is already providing what your customers are looking for and how are they doing it?

Design and looks that harmonise with your strategy

A picture says more than a thousand words. Logo, colours, fonts, illustrations, they all tell the story of your company without using words.

An honest and distinctive design that fits your strategy radiates confidence. In addition, of course, it makes you more recognisable to your customers.

Our bespoke design work includes

Our questions may not seem relevant at first glance, but trust us.
They lead to better results.

Portfolio image - mockup multiple ipads showing website

Our process

Our entire branding process can best be described as the combination of creativity and numbers.

Research Identity Strategy Design UX & Copy Creation & Development

Although we have a comprehensive approach to branding, we can also take a specialist perspective. As such we can also work on stand-alone projects such as brand identity or website development.

At Triptyque Design, we take the time to get to know you so that we can do what we do best: create genuine brands that touch and inspire because they are grounded in strategy and built on individual character.


From the greek word τρίπτυχος “triptukhon”

A work of art in three parts.

Identity Strategy Design

Your brand is your work of art, let's create it together.

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